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En Buenos Aires no se consigue...

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April 4th, 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Marguerite Duras. 
To commemorate this please join us Thursday, April 17 for a re-installation of Alejandro Cesarco's Marguerite Duras's India Song.

The installation will be up for only two weeks, don't miss it!
Alejandro Cesarco Marguerite Duras's India Song
April 15 - 26, 2014

Marguerite Duras's India Song is a video installation with sculptural elements and a commissioned short text by Argentine writer Daniel Link. The project continues Duras’s own transpositions from novel to novel and from novel to play to film, raising questions of intertextuality, mediums and forms. The installation takes an existing text, a pre-text, and re-tells it as a way of transforming discursive practice through repetition. At stake in this return to a previous text is a negotiation of the limit between repetition and reduplication. In the installation the love story of the play is retold by a voice over that recounts the narrative structure or device of how this love story is told, in turn the two video channels show establishing shots that are doubled or mirrored in Duras’s film. The installation dramatizes the possibilities of representation and recollection and uses the colonial aspiration of territorial, gender and cultural appropriation as a metaphor for practices of repetition and translation. 
Marguerite Duras's India Song was originally commissioned by Art in General in 2006.
Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm.  For more information or images, please contact Murray Guy at +1-212-463-7372 or info@murrayguy.com.

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