lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Roman Nights

por Alberto Arbasino para TLS, 5.11.99 (gracias, Edgardo)

Sir, - In his review of Pier Paolo Pasolini's Romanzi e racconti, 1946-1975 (October 15), Robert Gordon refers to Alberto Moravia's "supposition that Pasolini had sex more than once a night, almost always with different boys, every night for over twenty years". Between ten and twenty boys every night, said Pasolini himself. In those years, Roman boys ("ragazzi di vita") went around in large, easy gangs. In a couple of hours, Pier Paolo could "make" many. We're quick, he said. And in the daytime too, on the banks of the Aniene and the Tiber. Young contributors to the literary magazine Officina were entertained in a succulent boathouse under Castel Sant'Angelo, among jolly pagan showers. Catullus?


Via Gianturco 4, Rome.

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