sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

Canuto Cañete, conscripto del siete


Earlier this year, a rather ambitious article was publishedin Pagina 12 in the midst of, what could be called, the Argentine on going politicisation of the private sphere. The author of that article was no other than UBA professor Daniel Link. In a previous article I qualified his writing style as Soviet because of its formalisation of that same process of advancement on the private sphere that started with the free and public University down there. Along this path, its logical governmental embodiment, Christina Kirchner, who has transformed the State into an employer led a cultural revolution which consequences will still be suffered by our grandchildren. I used the possessive in the plural as a cowardly misuse of the pronoun ‘We’ because like Daniel Link, I am gay. Again, as in many of Link’s pieces, there is a dialectical constitution of the subject by opposition which is problematic when discussing gay love from an experiential point of view…love as it happens. Love as lived. Love, actually. 

El texto completo de Rodrigo Cañete (¡todos los derechos reservados!) puede leerse acá

(Gracias, Mariano López Vaqueros)

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