lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Dicen que...

In his introduction to La ansiedad, Daniel Link provides us with the ominous warning that: "From couriers to email, something changes in personal relations through the inmediacy and speed of communication". This change in "personal relations" is articulated within the novel as an increasing abstraction of the social link. This is central to the plot of La ansiedad, which is essentially a re-staging of a traditional love story narrative within the context of electronic communications. (...)
The implicit question that runs through the story is whether any depth of relationship is possible when mediated by the communication technologies of late modernity. That this is the aim is made clear by the form of the novel, which is entierly constituted by different forms of internet communication: emails and chat-rooms conversations. (...)
Rahter than an experience of liberation and an opportunity to explore multiple and fragmented identities, this is regarded as a source of anxiety in the novel. In fact Kafka's phrase "The ease of writing letters (...) must have introduced to the world a terrible disintegration of souls" could act as a a useful summary of events in La ansiedad.

King, Edgard. “La ansiedad, Contr@site and the paradoxes of cyberspace”, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 18: 1 (Londres: marzo 2009)

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