viernes, 11 de febrero de 2005


Anti-Bush statement to run in LA Times

The new Not In Our Name statement continues to grow as a national repudiation of the whole Bush program.
Next Tuesday the statement will appear as a full page in the Los Angeles Times! If you have not yet signed the statement, please go to and do so, and forward this message to your friends.
In addition to mass circulation newspapers, we are seeking your ideas for where else the statement could be published. For example, there are publications that reach special audiences, such as scientists, artists, or legal workers.
Where would you like to see the statement published next? And can you help organize the publication in that venue? Please send your suggestions to
The Not In Our Name statement has no organizational sponsor; it is the joint effort of all of us who want to make our voices heard. Thus we alone are the source of financial support. Each of us can contribute by credit card on the internet at, to make this movement grow and resound.

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