sábado, 12 de marzo de 2005


Next weekend (March 18-20) marks the anniversary of the war in Iraq. This is an important occasion for the powerful message of the Not In Our Name statement to be heard all across the country [USA]. We have ideas for ways to do this and are reaching out to the tens of thousands of people around the country via this email.
1. The NION statement could be read on the radio, in classrooms, at religious services, at rallies. It could be posted all over the internet. Copies of the statement could be made and passed out at demonstrations, events, and social gatherings, e.g., movie lines. It could be sent to local media, including letters to the editor and/or the op-ed page.
2. People might also want to get together in smaller gatherings at someone's home and talk about the statement, the war in Iraq, and the unacceptable direction of the Bush administration.
3. We'd like to popularize the experiences of some people in Nevada County, CA, who paid to run the statement in their local newspaper. People could do that around the country. Campus newspapers, newsletters, and local arts and entertainment papers might agree to publish the statement without charge.
Please let us know what your experiences are and if you have other ideas.
You can download the Statement of Conscience from our website at www.nion.us.

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